"Create ORU Account"

If You Don't Have ORU account Click Here To Creat An account


"Add Funds To Your Account"

1) Click Here to Log in to your ORU Account

2) Go To "My Account" from the right hand-side menu

3) Go to "My Funds" on the left handside menu

4) Click on "Purchase ADVT Credit" link

5) Add Funds to your account using PayPal or Card

(Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the fund to be added
to your account)


"Make The Payment And Request
The Products"

After you get the funds added to your account complete the following Two Steps:

1) Click Here to Make the Payment Using ORU Pay

2) Click Here to Submit Your Product Request

(The Access Link to your product will be delivered to your Email within 1 - 12 hours)

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